REV 13:16-18

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>> FEBR. 2020 TXT








I need maybe to rewind how exactly is supposed by medicine that vaccines works, and what's the diference to Genentech therapy. Also what happened in this crazy year in fact.

As said vaccines have been part of ancient pharmakon medicine but completely diferent: related first to acupuncture and medical tatoo on acupuncture meridians. Otzi tatoos are made on exact points of acupuncture. We have few data on those lost recipes for ancient vaccines. We know some were bound by mercury for spells. As shown, the modern vaccines are “borrowed” by a member of occut circles (Lady Montague) straight from the area of Asia Minor where "pharmakon" occured.

. Modern medicine don't recognise the Primo Vascular System where the body exchange DNA and RNA information. It's congruent with acupuncture meridians. Medicine has no idea WHY the surface/skin is important. BC the embrio of animals trasforms first in a toroid like the magnetic field. And that yelds an INVERTED GARDEN topology of organs which are “plants inside”. Hence te root remains outside.. So the acupuncture has power.. on the roots. And if that skin-scratch (charagma) is made with PHARMAKON (whitchcraft recipes) has a tremendeous efect...

All that lost achemical knowledge is not recognised, not even known, as well as the fact that DNA/RNA are light + Q-entanglement. They do not count the 80% junk-DNA para-reactions on gene-modification bc they think DNA is “digital-linear” formula like our writing. A part of it, certainly is! But... deeper has a fractal formula and that's 100% different. Hence the organs have a fractal structure too... the relation is obvious. If you change ONE term into a fractal everything changes.. Etc.

So how they think that vaccines work? The whole idea is baseed on the so-called immune system. Which is soo complex that even today is not properly mapped. In short they are based on similar combats similar, as Hyppocrates stated. Is the same principia as in homeopaty medications. Is not a cure.medication, but a prevention. You need to have antibodies to something to be protected.
Hence they think injecting a weakened strain of the microbe, your body create a defense against a similar microbe. And upto a certain level the idea is correct. But that is as saying a paintig is a painting. What relation has a masterpiece as made by Leonardo Raphael or Dali, with the garbage we find in the modern (cultural-marxist) galleries??? NONE.

If we look at the modern compositions we think they are straight copied from witches-recipes. What has todo mercury aluminium, abortons kidney cells, etc with the “pure vax-theory”? NOTHING AT ALL. Yet even so, inside are natural weakened pathogens. Not yet GMO! Hence supportable in some limits, as any modern poison... Yet .... you may develop autoimmune reactions, inflamations or autoimmune enhanched phenomena: at the contact with the wild virus you get sick, overinflammated and die. Especially corona-family vaccines have that problem, since long time. And that's why they indemnified the producers.

Check that movie: and this serious article from
– There are very real risks associated with mRNA vaccines including “enhanced” inflammation and auto-immune reactions
-- The profit-motivated rush to deploy mRNA vaccines is causing regulators and researchers to skip many critical steps (1 -against- 7 years!)
-- mRNA vaccines could be maliciously exploited to weaponize vaccines to target critical physiological functions in humans. This is similar in effect to “RNA interference” technology which is a gene suppressing innovation (see VMAT2?) that has been studied for use as an insect-killing pesticide . Genetic Trojan horses.
-- Injecting the body with mRNA strands — which are essentially protein synthesis instructions — could theoretically unleash catastrophic unintended consequences in the body, which could include causing destructive self-reinforcing feedback loops (Rev 16:2)
-- Heightened inflammation in the body, resulting in a hyper-inflammatory response in some people.
-- In the case of self-replicating mRNA vaccines using viral components, an inability to stop a runaway process. Theoretically occur when the mRNA is pushed into cells via virus replicon particles (VRP)
-- By (unknown yet) path, RNA can alter cells DNA "by mistake". The unfolding of the new proteins is unclear! That is dangerous too.

What Covid vaccine does is a complete different story as classical. Ony the NAME remains from a vaccine. The rest was, is, and will be categorised as gene-therapy! And there are 2 options for Covid: A. you trust their theory and afirmations... B. or you face the reality that what you get is an untested, indemnified, opaque potion which cannot be verified chem-analitically by NO USER.

What is the mechanism they claim, in theory?
There are 2 kinds of GMO vaccines; via a GMO adenovirus or via a GMO mRNA. The first is a full path of GMO therapy the second a shortened one.
- The adenovirus path is used by Sputnik-V, Oxford, Zeneca, Johnson&Johnson, etc.. A chimp virus (cold, dihareea) is castrated of one gene. This shall weaen his capacity to multipies.. Then the Covid spikes-protein genes are inserted inside, CRISPR CAS13. This adenovirus will be injected in you (and many other substances as said: mercury aluminium and all the comon witches-recipes). Once inside, that virus enter your cell-nuclei, where your DNA reside! All adenoviruses needs to enter nuclei to multiply.. a bit of course...
- Once inside the cell-nuclei, it makes a mRNA copy of the Covid spike gene. And this entering your cell-plasma produce the protein with the help of your rhibosome. Then the body-system shall recognse that new protein and buld defense.
- That secod path (from mRNA up..) is the the one of Pfizer & others. They already produced that mRNA in the lab by GMO, and incapsuate-it in a nanoparticle of fat+PEG. PEG is a surfactant like a detergent and 70% of humans have antibodies to PEG. It wil give 70% allergies AT LEAST ...if not inflamations at the level of nerves-system.

But they don't restrain to the injected shit. In preparation are “self-spreading vaccines”. And those are true viruses or bacteria which infect (as that adenovirus does) but from human to human.... Rebranded, ultimate form of bioterrorism. We have to face that compulsivness of GMO is bioterror.

They have also shortterm planning for full-blown DNA altering vaccines:
“By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease. [...] The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA.”

It's a mistery & insanity how the whole gene-mapping in software is opensourced, as well as kits for DNA (CAS9) or RNA(CAS13) manipulation together with gene hacking material even home-hacks, and online orders like at or Vectorbuilder . Invest more, and you'll get machines like Kilobaser.

For me, my FIRST hypothesys (febr 2020) holds. They have the new SATI techology. Inside this complex soup they can insert a SATI-gene which can binds to the noncoding so-called junk-DNA and might change the whole fractal pattern of your DNA. Or among the proteins of “covid-spike” they can insert a VMAT2 similar code so the body fights the “God's gene” as Rudolf Steiner presumed: CIA FUNVAX. We know already, Pfizer attacks proteins similar to placenta and that means female sterilization 90%.

So how much a Covid-GMO-vax can be trusted? For me, ZERO trust. The fraud is complex (bc in fact viruses aren't well understood as pathogens) see that very documented article:

First, where is the Covid pathogen? There is NONE in the nature! Pangolins & bats? C'mon! All we see are computer-simulations (made in China) from where they synthetise the virus. Is completely synthetic. Yes we can do that today! We can build a virus from pure computer-symulations. See Kilobaser the DNA espresso machine. Print the DNA digital sequences, then a bit PCR, then CAS13 mount together... It was NEVER “outside”. Never escaped the lab! Not YET. Was a big show just as 9/11 planes.. only the demolition was real. A show with real deads...

They lied you about the danger of the very COVID pathogen (there were few, if quite none fatalities, except common flu deaths + 5G + mask-triggered pulmonary bacteria) Flu death dissapeard this year by 92%. The total pulmonary infections deaths, are not much over the last years.. A harder flu season.. 99,5-99,9 survival rate? That's NOT a pandemic. It's only bc WHO banned te definition of patogen-gravity in the exercise-flu 2007... And the pathogen don't fulfill Koch postulats!

They lied you about the natural pathogen (pangolins & bats..). Where is it? I see only a computer-model at & versions. Like the 9/11 planes in 3D... End of july 2020, CDC had only artificially synthetised (that is - GMO made in the lab) probes from this CHINA generated digital model & versions...

They lied you about the RT-PCR Ct45 test. A refined humbug, yelding 95% errors by refined primers, direct-inverse transcriptase scam, and overcycling. The whole hysteria is based on that "asympthomatic" shit. Meanwhile that test was rejected by a serious peer-reviewed study. A tribunal in Portugal rejected-it as a test. So the city of Bruxelles. ASO... Yet that scam was the basis of lockdown, compulsory masks, IR-thermoscan, and the sack of economy. People were forced into hospitals worldwide and there either by mishandling or by nosocomial infections (="from hospital"_) simply died. That was a medical crime as in KZ/Mengele. A ww-KZ.

They lied you about the "unexpected event". It was planned at Event 201/JH Center + Gates Foundation. Then suddenly Klaus Schwab had a (lond ago planned) NWO Great Reset inserted now by that "opportunity"... As if you put a mondial reset, at the mercy of some bizarre chance... Och and World Bank issued futures 2 years ago, with low debt-rates, only if a corona-epidemics don't occur... :)

But for SURE, for SURE, they will never lie you about the 100% opaque to end-user, LEGALLY 100% INDEMNIFIED but certainly GMO-vaccine.... All vaccines are GMO, 100% synthetic. Made in 7 versions. (see 7 plagues in Rev) Can be replaced at politicians with plain serum, injected live on TV... Now how stupid can someone be, to trust that ??!! Just asking...