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Extract from my personal notes. Not all can be made public. Here is an extract which is more digerable. How the fundament of today's technology was known in antiquity around 100-300 AD. And also how was kept!

2 Thessalonians 2:7 "For the mystery of iniquity doth already work"... See also ( 1 John 2:18 ) + ( 4:2 ) , "mystery" being one of the names of antichrist, ( Revelation 17:5 ) according to Bibletools.

The technical knowledge, you'll find mostly by gnostics and in the centers of science knwn as the big libraries. Requred for the works of Tubal-Cain = killing tools in the end-days. This theoretic know-how is what Acts 19:19 call periergos and was copied by ..photocopy (not burned!) see my post in Myths. And that's probably the basis of Secret Library of Vatican. - They spend a huge sum for that > 5000 silver-coins . Yeah; science costs... Perigergos means something like “principles” - even if you don't posses the finetunning of tools, once you have the basic idea that can be refined, in time. So they collected / bought over the time any knowledge, as Acts 19:19/periergos copy instructed.

But from whom the money at the “poor christians”?... . Well, that's another issue; for mainstream christians some advices in the Bible are “ spiritual” for others are practial > monopoly on money, by banking theory! See Matthew Effect in banking - monopoly accumulation.. Or Joseph stock-speculation in Egypt. And many others. It depends on how you see the text... But that's another issue.

Gnostic chemistry came from the science centers such as Pergammon, Ephesus and Alexandria + of course the insider of Egyptian alchemy adding Pythagora, Plato, Apollonius, Aristotle, Archimedes etc for geometry. Aroud libraries was the practice of gnostic alchemy. - see Stockholm Papyrus-X. Hunderts of substances & recipes in Galen, Dioscorides, Pliny ..and we have today only about 7% remained texts! In the 5th century, Alexandria and Pergammon had the know-how for: Genetech (pharmakon Asklepios... revealed by Geber later), computer, punchcard, automates, steam-motor (Heron), mechanic (Ctesibius) flight-machies (Archytas) rockets, battery (Baghdad) photography (Pliny Book 33-36) lenses and concave mirros (catoptric: Appolonius, Archimedes, etc ) LHC (Cleopatras Chrisopoeia), geopolymers (roman cement ), etc...You name it, all was there, as blueprint. > Periergos.

The Lunar Society in Birmingham 1820 (Darwin grandfater 33 degr., was member) had only to follow the blueprints.The founders of modern science were in fact alchemists+ masons: Leibnitz, Kepler, Newton particulary. A huge efort was made by propaganda to occult their sources, presenting Antiquity and Middelage as "stone-age". True tech knowledge was sided as “pseudo-sci".

You will remain perplexed, but e=mc^2 was published by an amateur alchemist 2 years before Einstein and anyhow gnostics represented soul as light trapped inside matter 2200 years ago! The core of relativity is depicted in DeCaelo/Aristotle in other terms: matter travels linerar but pure light of heavenly spheres in circles. Hence approaching the sphere with an arrow you'll be never able to reach-it because light-movement is perpendicular. The SAME "geometric compound" as in Relativity, 2300 years ago... etc, etc. "Nihil noles sub sole".

Do not forget chtonic misteries, the "masonry" of old Greeks + the Kabbal. The history of gnostics is occulted and complex.... Restricted Antichrist science 2 Thessal 2:7 .... “until his time”. Restriction was followed by many church laws, but sci-textes were in fact SAVED for later.... Persian alchemists saved sci after the fall of Alexandria Library. Also monasteries in Byzantium. Paul's Acts 19:19 just photocopied the know-how of theories “periergon”. Check Archivum Apostolicum Vaticanum...

Plagues as a mean to control the world are instructed in Rev 11, and used by templars. Are based on "pharmakon". See the other chapiters about Asklepios and ancient medicine. There is a clear correspondence to the plagues of Moses. Also is a correspondece Asclepios rod - Moses Rod. Most of the plagues are pretty easy to reproduce.
The blood-waters can be cyanobacteria which is very poisonous. A cultivated or GMO strain woud do. Cyanobacteria can be separated in the so-called Vinogradsky column and the worst strains cultivated. Alchemists had such simple devices.
Locusts can be made from grashoppers if you stimulate them with serotonin or simply putting many in a dry space together. The simply transform in locusts and trigger a plague.
Smallpox and Anthrax (Black Death ) could be used as PLAGUES because they coud collect relatively easy the pathogens and they had also the antidotes for both! The antidote for smallpox was the ancient scrateched vaccine. Known in Pergamon Asia-Minor. The antidote for Anthrax is tetracycline and a mix of essential oils. Tetracycline was known in Nubia/Egypt 3500 years ago as an “alchemical beer”. In Perisa 2600 years ago we found the first alembics to distil essental oils. Perfectioned later in the same area by Avicenna.

So the plague (Anthrax) could be used as a biological weapon, protecting the conspirators. All major changes used such bio-weapons - and any major pandemic after year zero was artificial, coupled with banking-political action. Check Rev 11 instructions & 7 plagues:

1. The Roman Empire sacked under inflation and counterfeit Fouree money, coupled with the first plagues. Psalm 33:10 / Septuagint: "The rich went poor" .....
2. Justinian's plague 550 AD weakens the Byzantine Empire (1/2 population!) He fell in 1204 under the Crusaders."Renaissance capital" follows.
3. Anthrax - Black Death 1320-1380 Eurasia, triggered in China after the fall of Templars 1318. Halving the Eurasian population. Made in order to crash Silkroad, at that time in the hands of Tatars. Had a death-rate of 50% bubonic and near 100% septicemic Halved Eurasian population.
4. Smallpox destoyed the population in american collonies. Eurasian population having antigens from earlier plagues as instructed in Rev11...
5. 1665-66 Englands fall under Templars/33 masons (see Crown Corp), by plague followed -after few years- by the Bank of England (Montagu). Modern Freemasonry is established and the world is conquered. Next experiment - compulsory vaccine (Montagu).
6. 1916-19 - USA establishes the FED interest rate system ($$$) under the Spanish-Rockefeller Flu pressure. [] The custom of mass-vaccine, inserted by Montagu & english laws, was used.
7. England won WWII with ..Anthrax. Churchill stockpiled 50k tons of Anthrax. UK made a huge deposit in 1938. BEFORE the events. If Hitler conquered England, Europe would end up under biological weapons bombing. England had penicillin/Fleming and tetracycline in testing - (the old pharmakon recipes...)

Face-it: no web, no CHARAGMA. No marking. That marking need computers! Was there the knowhow in ancient times? Mechanical and pneumatical computers existed > as archeological finding or described in texts. Antikithera or the pneumatic devices of Heron. He did also automatic music - needs memory and we have his punchcard. Punchcard is crucial for marking, see 1938 Hollerich machine, pure mechanical at Auschiwtz. As said punchcard was found in Vaticans Library by a jesuit monk, named Kircker and described in Musurgia Universalis around 1650.

The blackbox model of cybernetics existed in Kabbalah. The binary system in Iching + binary greek witches-divination . That was banned but the principle remained in dices and domino. Domimo stones are a good sample of the dissapeared (and binary!) european I-Ching. Then the powers of 2 in Horus Eye system upto 64, and persian story of chess; doubling the grains you get a mountain of rice at the 64 square - 2^64. And chess is on the masonic floor.

Hyperlinking is angular. You need math adressing for each item. Was made in Alexandria libray as intertextual indexing system. Was called Pinakes Πίνακες, invented by Callimachus. Is based on the same effect as URL-shortener > Gematria or Isopsephy was used as sort of B64 link system - allowing URL-shortening. By 30 letters x 2 (small+big caps) > 60. Using only 5 letters 60^5=777mil links.

So they had mechancal fine computers, the punchcard, the binary representation and finally the hyperlinking. Only the electronics had to be added> the microchip. But that one is made with photo-litography. And they knew photography, and used hardcopies in Alex Lib (see details below).

All existed in Hellenism. Alex. Lib had a pneumatic document circulation too, as principied by Heron (decribed again by Kircher in another work)! Do not forget they knew electricity as Baghdad battery or the light-arch in Pharos-Tower. They had 200-250 years from 450 up, to do that www shit! Censorship & destruction followed luckely, during Justinian / Theodosius. Corolary to pinakes they hyperlinked all Alexandrine texts > incl Bible excerpts are interlinked. Just like Bible al clasic manuscripts are INDEXED. And index is the foundation of a computing machine and web...

Know-how regained by (how else?) the Jesuits: Kirchner/Musurgia - the punchcard + I-Ching from China bought by jesuits to Leibnitz. So he invented the binary system especially for computing machines. The beginning of WWW plot! H. G. Wells (an occultist) proposed a "World-Brain" in 1936. Andrew M.Ramsay 1737, the objective of Masonry > "furnish the materials for a Universal Dictionary ... the lights of all nations will be united in one single work". Same in New Atlantis / R. Bacon (an illuminaty rosicrucian). You understand now why ancient tech was occulted in manuals: They need to hide the real-source and intent.

The SPIDER-WEB PLOT is present in the Bible (former knowledge? ) > Isaiah 59:5: "They hatch the eggs of vipers and spin a spider's web. Whoever eats their eggs will die, and when one is broken, an adder is hatched. Their webs are useless for clothing; they cannot cover themselves with what they make. Their deeds are EVIL deeds, and acts of violence are in their hands." Observe the Asclepios serpent-byte + the web combined! Then Amos 4:2, the hooks of www: “GOD has sworn by His holiness: “Behold, the days shall come upon you When He will take you away with fishhooks, And your posterity with fishhooks.” waw letter=hook. A Tubalcain tool! Injection+www. Again.

Also spiders+webs> in Ovidius Metamorphoses a spider as the weawer Arachne, and in Lucian's True Story as a war-tool of the Morning-Star army invading Moon/Sun. You shall rewind descriptions of Lucian's Arachnides. Besides, Lucian describe portable cameras (eyes) liquid-air vessels, and an all-seeing eye telescope on the Moon. Pretty clear! Cross-linked sources for the same plot!

Crypto-hooks require big numbers - they use pretty common math formulas. " count the sum of the beast" - a nr. of humans. Yes, humans sum = beast. Another big lie: ancients didn't knew big numbers.

Yeah see the persian chess-table with 2^2...2^64 grains + the magic squares combinatorics, the Meeru-Pascal Triangle (Pingala) the billions of bilions in Vedas [Yajur Veda , Lalitavistara Sutra] Bodhisattva's maths with 10^37218383881977644 441306597687849648128. Or just in Apokalypse - number of humans adulation.
With Ipsosephy (grek gematria) you can do several high-numbers operations. Hence, CRYPTO was known, as put into practice in Pinakes by Callimachus . Pinakes coud make with 6 isosephy letters 64,6 billions book-links! Big numbers gained special letters in Apollonius: M =1 bil^2. In The Sand Reckoner / Archimedes (c. 287–212 BC) > 10^[8x10^15].

Sand? See the Dragon stood on the Sea-Shore -Rev 13:1 = sand! In the same chapiter is the counting-machine (Eye-Bee-Mark) for charagma: Rev 13:18. Go back to the webs (Isaiah) chains (Exodus) and hooks (Exodus+Amos) - in OT. Crypto-hash was known. As crypto fully developed in only 80 years 1930-2010... I let the conclusion to you. CRYPTO, LINKS (hooks+chains), HYPERLINKS, WEB, etc.

Weaving of Arachne is digital; you have to know how patterns on fabrics are made (by manual-digital counting) to understand why Arachne was depicted as a weaver in Ovid's Metamorphoses! Any pattern on textiles is in fact a digital issue. Around Black-Sea is full of refined “pixelated patterns” on the manual textils! Text <-> Textile !

The microchip is related to electronics and vawes. Magnetics was known as well as electricity produced by Cu-Fe Bagdad batteries. In fact magnet comes from Mount Magnetos and electric from ἤλεκτρον (elektron), amber. More on this subject here. We have several txt accounts in India/Gupta about generating electricity and splitting water!

A radio is the simplest device imaginable. Flame diode / triode + silver filligran coil + galen (PbS galen crystal, full in Egyptian old mines). A negative oscillator with ZnFe sulphide is easy to do. Loting with antimony (Sb + sherlack/vax flux) was used first in cheap jewelry 2-3k years ago. During Silkroad, how did the bankers communicate the ballance from Sevilia to Shanghai? With pigeons? Transbord thousend pigeons 10k km over dessert? C'mon!

Again, 150-200 years from Alexandria destruction (Hellenism) to the Mark. Finally any integrated circuit resemble a BUG. Like in Lucian of Samosata, Rev, etc... And is made by photo-lithography! See further their knowlegde on photo:

Corollary to silver-knowledge [see book 33-36 Pliny], we must add that ancients knew basics of One target of photography is the MICROCHIP itself! Because a MICROCHIP is made as photo-litho-graphy! I mean precisely the chemical recipes. Concering lenses concave mirrors and calculations of catoptrics, the hellenistic science had the best howto/periergos. Robert Temple mention many artefacts in the optic domain in his book "The Crystal Sun". In "Forbidden Knowledge" he shows how painters had a secret knowledge about camera-obscura. The remained chemical knowledge is descibed in my book Acheiroskiagraphia with sources in gnostic manuscripts and Pliny the Elder.

Greeks gained a huge amount of silver form Laurion mines, near Athen. The mined silver was in form of silver-chloride and silver-bromide - both classic photosensitive materials. All gained naturally! Revelator was gallic acid from Aleppo gall-nuts (hence pyrogalol today). In the Middle-age the gallic compound was used to make gallic-ink! A standard ink for old parchiments. A (weak ) fixator was thiosulphate just as today but impure. Is mentioned with howto as "Thion-Hudeor" by Zosimos of Panopolis > boiling sulphur in basic-caustic water.

Similar natural substances (green + mauve/purple "vitriol") = ferric III sulphates which degrades to ferrous II under sun/UV light. Used for "hardcopy" on leather parchiments in Pergamon Library and fixed with gallc acid. Result? Copy, identical chemically with ..gallic ink! (Nakara hardcopy method 1890) "Latin-book-hand" on parchimet (soo perfect) was made by photocopy! Perfect letters - Alexandria Library made copies (by law!!) from each documet from the harbored ships & returned document 2 owners> only a hardcopy could make that in 2-3 days! Acheiropoieta or the weil of Saint Veronika are practically an account on photography!

The knowhow was lost and wiped-out in ICONOCLASM. Revived by Herschell in 19th century, as he knew perfectly Greek and Latin. Daguerre found the kerotakis silver-negative in a monastery manuscript on mount Athos. `` Iconoclasm occured by the fear from the "Icon of the Bast" - as we have-it! All that, explained with full text-sources in the book Acheiro-Skiagraphia (Ro)

Of course the advanced science in Pergammon+Alexandria could make the LHC doomsday machine in max. 250 years. Just because the blueprint of LHC is Cleopatras Chrisopoeia anno 150 AD. Heron at John's time invented : steam turbine, punchcard, automata, etc. Too soon, not all globe conquested by money-hooks and the key-nr of 7 billions to steal their light was not achieved. Hence, they were sacked.

No need to remember how Mahabharata described an atomic bomb explosion. “…a single projectile…Charged with all the power of the Universe…” cited by Oppenheimer at the first atomic blast. Same as in Sodom and Gomora of the Bible, see Mohenjo-Daro...And much antediluvian know-how/periergos. But everything had to be at his time. Delay of Antichirst, see Paul's Thessal.