REV 13:16-18

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REV 13:16-18

For the true believer it doesn't matter much to know the deepest secrets of Apocalypse. It is sufficient to recognise the real meaning of the text as in 13:16-18. Once the meaning is congruent with reality, you can do a choice.

Can we derive the idea of vaccine straight from the original text Rev 13:16? A vaccine is directly related to a needle, an injection. And that aspect was already, several times explained by other authors.

It was only so they focused on the thick needle of the microchip injection. Because it was too obvious (and publicised) that aspect explains pretty well this point of view. It was obvious since the barcode, where the identification-bars are identical with 666. Then the Geenpeace scientists just began furiously to microchip every pet or wild animal.. And so a specific industry was backed with money!

Yet the relation of charagma with pharmakeia and plagues might be even more faithful.

"[Charagma] is an engraved, etched, branded or inscribed 'mark' or 'sign'. Closest to the original sense[...] is the earliest example in Soph. Phil., 267, where [charagma] denotes the bite of a snake." Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (vol 9, page 416)

"any mark engraved, imprinted, or branded, ch. echidnes the serpent's mark, i.e. its bite, sting" Charagma - Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon

It's only so that the bite of a snake is indeed a true injection with his peptides venom! the teeth of the serpent is a true SYRINGE NEEDLE. Pharmakeia/pharmakon had since immemorial times the symbol of a snake! Is the alchemical Asclepios rod. This Asklepios rod with a snake, is the symbol of medicine, today on the flag of World Health Organization which imposes the whole story... We know that Asklepios was the god of medicine and had a serpent-rod... Or the hermetic Caduceus representing maybe the DNA itself- 2 helicoid-serpents which by the way are on the rod of Orthodox Bishops... .

Check this link. "It was believed that Asclepios had the power to rise from the dead.
Legend tells that Zeus was worried that Aesculapius would make
mankind immortal because of his healing power. He killed Aesculapius with a lightning bolt. Temples were built for Aesculapius, and seemingly dead serpents were found inside." They came to live again...

I have to repeat the aspects of Rev 13:16-18 in alchemical key. Partly that is the subject of my movie the Starry-Sky... There is no 666 in the ORIGINAL but XΞS (corresponding in gematria to 666). But XΞS can have that meaning:

X = chi = lifeforce in alchemy, which was at that time the "science-language"
Ξ = xi = stylus = a scratch-needle for vax-tablets. Sharp neede (from phoenician - pillar)
S = stigma = a branding in flesh (like cow-branding) "stigmated" we say today.

The text meaning in words/letters is completed by ipsosephy/gematria yelding XΞS = 666 = 3waw. A link to www-spider. A system. Jewish letter waw means hooks > see Amos 4:2 > the hooks to hook the whole humanity .= WWW. But it completes with Amos 5:19 about vaccine = snake-byte: It will be like a man who flees from a lion, only to encounter a bear, or who enters his house and rests his hand against the wall, only to be bitten by a snake. Now check that against the First beast description Rev 13:2> resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. Amos 5 is just about the “Days of the Lord” (last days)> Why do you long for the day of the Lord? That day will be darkness, not light. 19 It will be as though a man fled from a lion... etc, ending with a SNAKE-BITE Asklepios serpent. Syringe...

Check then the snakes+web in Isaiah 59:5 : "They hatch the eggs of vipers and spin a spider's web. Whoever eats their eggs will die, and when one is broken, an adder is hatched. Their webs are useless for clothing; they cannot cover themselves with what they make. Their deeds are EVIL deeds, and acts of violence are in their hands."

By the correspondence XΞS = 666 you get both the microchip + vaccine. Because they work together, as the newest disclosures (DARPA microchip + pat 060606) demonstrate.

WWW was invented at CERN/LHC 1989. Where CERN = Cleopatras Chrisopoeia This blueprint 150 AD was made by some woman, a gnostic alchemist, called Cleopatra. The distillery to golden a God/Chrisos: "all-is-one"... CERN is also the key to the Abyss See Abbadon-Apollion the destroyer Rev 20:1-3 having the keys of Abyss => corresponding to Shiva the destroyer by Indians is present as statue at CERN. Check my blog

Charagma (Strong 5480 which completes XΞS ) means carving Here figurative "carving in flesh" = GMO. Means "sharpen to a needle" and badge of servitude too, for slaves. See: See the meaning in Acts 17:29 / Paul ... the ONLY txt where charagma occurs in the Bible, except Rev. > ...we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven [G5480 charagma] by art and man's device.

Hence XΞS alchemically could mean : branding, carving with a needle inside flesh and inside LIFEFORCE. As we know today DNA is seen at electronic microscope as an X Just as the ancient Chi letter=X from which al-chi-my derived! DNA = the life-force full with LIGHT! Pretty clear in alchemical terms to me... Charagma is branded inside DNA. Just like the byte of Asclepius serpents.

The byte of a serpent contains venom. This is composed by enzymes and peptides. Those are able to cut DNA and other buiding blocks in exact places. in fact the main tool of GMO is CRISPR which is made from enzymes. Peptides can “sneak CRISPR” into cells. Thus being able to change DNA... So look how congruent the Aslepios “snake-byte” is to the tools of genetic manipulation.. A PERFECT SYMBOL. For Asclepius, the god of medicine, and his fate, please check next chapiters (Miths and Meanings).

The word "psephisos" is NOT number but "sum" in koine-greek. Hence the "sum of humans" not "number of a man"! "Which has the WISDOM (knowlegde) to count the sum of humans"? The computer has that knowledge!! IBM (eye-bee/sting-mark).

John had to know the computer.. bc was invented by Heron of Alexandria a CONTEMPORARY! Yes was comtemporary with John and travelled to Pergammon, the MIT of that time! Heron invented the punchcard too, the memory of mechanical computer. ... Kircher, a JESUIT, found all descriptions in Vatican secret Library and described Herons punchcard organon in his work Musurgia Universalis cca 1650... The Auschwitz Hollerich machine was deployed with punchcards... From old Greece we have today the Antikythera machine, proving with artefacts they kew mechanical computers!

"Bouleu-therion" was called the congregation of citizens in Pergammon! So "mega-therion" might be the "sum of humans"... Bc as said the material life was seen as "bad" for the gnostics and in Zion or New Jerusalem...WE become the beast, after charagma! And the previous beast might be the humanity BEFORE Flood. Which was extinct. Virgils “Wondrous Race” in the times of Saturn?! Virgil 4th link. That might be the first "beast" coming from "waves"= "thalasos" not "sea"! Even today in Romanian we say to the sea-waves "talazuri", from greek original... Indeed life comes fro higher EM waves! The second beast comes from Earth /Abyss where Astera Proinos (wormwood) was thrown at the Flood times. BC life comes today from inside Earth...

All that together give another meaning on Rev 13:16. And that is EXACTLY what happens today. The sharp needle change the DNA lifeforce, the chi= X under microscope. And the computer+WWW (666) count the citizens. Via microchip and the Icon of the Beast (portable, the known phone, with the "bitten-apple" from Genesys). And the CERN machine (chrisopoeia) will collect that chi via 5G/www and send to Hell. Pyros...

Now, there is another bizzare aspect; higher degree masons have the symbol of a bee. The same collecting idea - honey. But also a bee-sting. They have also that allseeing-eye symbol. Eye-Bee-Mark = IBM. In other alchemical frames there is the symbol of the spider. What does a spider ? He makes a web (www) against light. The fleas are attracted by the light and are caught. Then the spider inject his peptide-venom, and suck the externally digested flies! The alchemical transformations are the basis of Ovid Metamorphoses. There is the Spider Arachne where as MORTAL WOMAN challenged Athen... in weaving. Now, weaving is like the space-time quantum entanglement.. Blockchian, QFS, q-DNA.. connect the dots? Isaiah 59:5

Here you have pretty-much the alchemical and (I suppose) the correct meaning of the words in old koine-greek + alchemy. Partly explained in my movie partly in my book. Pergamon had; photography, computers, vaccines and potions (inoculation), etc. The other machines for Apocalypse are described in the other Library, that of Alexandria. Heron & the blueprint of CERN/LHC the "chrisopoiea machine" to golden a God by the sum of tiny grains of light = WE ARE VTHE GRAINS!

And that's why the 2 libraries (Alex.+Pergamon) were burned by mainstream official Church! So that we escape the Mark of the Beast! Also that's why was ICONOCLASM around 500-800 AD in orthodoxy! Bc with photo-recipes you can do microchips (via photo-lithography) and so the Icon of the Beast .... as we have now in the pocket. That's why church interdicted too much science in the middle-age, and burned witches / scientists at stake! To escape that charagma plot! Only for this.

In turn, gnostics preserved that knowledge and infiltrated the Catholic church/as Jesuits, then made the Masons in England and Swiss... As you can see, absolute EVERYTHING in the "modern science" was known at that time! Masons had only to put at work.