REV 13:16-18

  1. CHI-XI
  6. KEY-2-ABYSS





>> FEBR. 2020 TXT








Speaking about the pseudo-science of germs and vaccinaton theory or about lobotomy...
Those are not the only presudos-sciences grown by the modern conspiracy. Pretty much the whole old secret science of alchemy was castrated and adapted to the neeeds of the conspiracy which is generically called “the beast”.

2 main pillars of today sci are Darwin and Newton. Everything just everything will look different in lack of those 2 theories. There would be no God's gene VMAT2 vacccine and no God's particle research. How convenient, both theories have been pushed in Crown/Corona UK?! Re-check: CERN, DNA, and the Mark of the Beast | - Jim Duke

Darwins theory of “evolution” is based on hegelian dialectic. Another scam equivalent to Munchausen Trilemma - how to pull yourself out of the swamm with no help, except hazard & stats (again!). The paradox of the wrinting monkeys. Which don't work in the known age of Universe. ..But the alchemists had another evolutive theory, explained by Lamark earlier: GOD put a code inside life (that is DNA today) bearing the info for “evolution” to compex organisms. And this was borrowed from Anaxagoras “panspermy theory”, 2600 years ago. Again coming from Asia Minor / today Turkey. (there was a center of deep knowledge). Anaxagoras himself was poisoned by athenians for those “hereical theories”...

Plain and simple Darwin's theory was better for english masons, because it didn't involve creationism! "Put God aside of this thing called life! We have business here!" Is only dialectical selection, & basta. Munchausen trillema solved finally by a monkey . If that's not peudo-science nothing is! Because ONLY THIS WAY they can use Genentech! Else, would be sacrilege! The result today is as they say & do> you are a giant computer where they put an USB in form of GMO vaccine (and inside that USB is a GMO-virus, but.. doesn't matter! C'mon, dont be a retrograde cave-man..)

Yet.. as compulsory natural-dialectical + hegelian-darwinian selection is, suddenly an artifical creationism is allowed by Genentech//Th+ of the 4th Industrial Revolution! That is stated clearly by the insane Schwab/NWO! That is: GOD cannot create life, but we can! 100% inverted arguments here! YESSS! Those are the “pseudo-sciences” in the last 250 years. Mind-blowing!

Speaking about Newton (alchemist, occultist, mason, Master of Mint and a bit scientist with a high gift for math) ...he simply gave a perfect working formula relating mass- attraction with inverse-quadratics by distance (like electrostatics..) , so the universe-model of Kepler (another alchemist, known as “The Witch-Sohn”) coud work perfectly. :)
That was necesary to REPLACE another spherical model of Universe and Earth, the geocentrism as stated by Aristotle 2300 years ago (De Caelo) and addopted by the Church... Nevertheless the Hollow Earth (Halley/UK contemporary with Newton..) is valid in both spherical theories. Where wormwood fell, Rev. 8...

Newton never, never disclosed the SOURCE of his “monopolary” power> "Hypothesys non fingo". ( there is a second pole - a high alchemy secret; the fallen second luminator/Lucifer, see Gen 1:16 < versus > Rev. 7+8+9 ) At that time this view triggered a huge opposition by scientists such as Leibnitz (well Leinbnitz was also president of an alchemical society.. but doesn't matter)
Over 2 centuries that question lead to the Large-Hadron-Collider presumed to find the gravity boson called God's particle. In lack of Newton we wouldnt have that “doomsday machine”. But.. as a high alchemist, Newton knew precisely Cleopatras Chrisopoeia (150 AD/Alexandria), which is indeed the real blueprint for LHC! The gnostic machine to golden a God (inside Hollow Earth?)! Ops... So, they made an alchemical device in order to clarify an alchemist occult model! Now, THAT is "modern science" :)

By the way: the same Newton (now as occultist) have set the “shedule” of ..Messiah coming! His papers give the period between 2030-2050... where he could calculate the Red-Moon eclypse series (occured 2015-2019) as required by apocriphal texts. His occult papers are now in Tel-Aviv Library, bought by a friend of Einstein.. Of course “the beast think to change times and laws” (Daniel 7:25)! First by Gregorian calendar and also by the hypothesys that we enter Aquarius after other 600 years. And surprise, the next series of Red-Moons are after ccca 550 years... At that time, tibetan legends tell, Maytrea shall come out of the earth/Agartha with a huge army...

The mainstream pseudoscience cut-out many other inconvenient aspects. Thus doing pseudo-science. The electromagnetic equations of Maxwell were originally 23, quaternionic. The today Maxwell equations (made by other guys at the order of Morgan which bankrupted Tesla..) are only 4 vectorial, by combining 4 quaternionc in one. 4x4=16. Where are the rest of the equatons? They are simply cut-out by “regularization”. That means they gave SURPLUS OF ENERGY! And that cannot be! We have businees todo with oil & electricity! (yet.. of course, you are guilty for the CO2 emission, not them!..That's obvious! )

Other "normalizatons" occured in the “UV-catastrope” and inside quantics! Huge amounts of energy cut-out from precise calculations, bc they cannot be observed in experiment and don't fit the (invented) laws of Thermodynamics (which as the name says, are about chaotic termic not coordinated energy). How about the higher dimensions as Tesla stated? What if those quantities simply vanish in those unobservable multidimensions? Well those n-dimensions are forbidden in science.. except.. strings/LHC! :)) In the “doomsday machine” they are allowed and quasi-borrowed from the secret strings of Pythagora 2600 years ago! At least 11-D required. That's how the shit works...

Speaking about CO2 scam. That was invented by a nazi austrian (just as Hitler was) by his name.. Guenther Schwab (1902-2006)! During nazi times. Check Klaus Schwab today/NWO. But is a scam because:
A. about 78% of the oxygen is created by the plankton in oceans and only 23% by forests and dry-land. Sure, forest is wonderful! But is cut-out by THEIR industry. In fact hemp and bamboo coud deliver 4x more cellulose/ha as a ha/forest. And that each year not like a forest, once in 100 years. Hence 400x more by preserving forests. But they didn't care. Hence, are guilty!
B. One single major volcano eruption release 10000x more CO2 as the whole humanity in his entire existence, including industrial era! Hence CO2 tax is a humbug.
C. Climate change depends on the areas of the gallaxy the sun traverse. We have no influence on that. Check Milankowitch Cycles. During roman empire there was a higher temperature as today. Check also Gaia book: the Earth has a thermostat in the oceanic currents.
Hence the Greenpeace is the “green-fields peace of deaths” called Elisyum by greeks secret chtonic orders (greek masons). Zero footprint is what it says: cease to breath, you get zero emissions. Rest in (green)-peace. Is about DEPOPULATION. And a vax fit the bill. Eco kill, no H-bomb. Rev 16:2.

Speaking about Genentech... there are huge amounts of data simply cut-out (as in quantcs..)! Protein-expression genes are only 15-25%. And only those are considered by the modern genetics. The rest is called “junk-DNA” (or maybe junk-science?) They know meanwhile: "that junk" has a certain role in genetic replication, and Rockefeller Foundation itself published a paper where the whole DNA has a fractal pattern. If you change a term into a fractal formula everything changes! Equals monsters, longterm.

Meanwhile is demostrated that DNA (as a whole fractal) is a light-pump, receiving and sending information. Just like a HUGE p2p internet between cells. That net was called AURA. How that interacts with Luciferase is not told.. Meanwhile they know DNA is bound together by quantum-entanglement. By correlated LIGHT. How Genentech change that is not told, nor how the quantum-computers(and QFS money) can enchain DNA by entanglement! Nothing about epigenetics or the mutation of DNA inside brain cells... And so on...
And of course nothing about things Like Primo Vascular System which is congruent with acupuncture meridians: inside flows DNA + RNA. Nothing about the topology of the embrio: directed sphere+fractals by plants, inverted toroidal fractal-garden by animals. Bc that's the explanation WHY acupuncture works: the roots of animals are at the surface... etc.

Is a loong debate here, but we can see how “pseudo” is the today science. Is castrated to fit 100% the needs of the conspiracy, filling ONLY the needs for charagma.

Yet finally, we shall mention the huge sophistic defence of those absurdities, build by the Conspiracy/Beast. 2 examples:

First was the idea that scientific nowlegde can be infinite. It isn't, just because we have limits in observation of phenomena. We live in 3d. Everything which occurs above the 3hd dimension cannot be proven directly by experiment but only by shadows-projetions. Everything esle was a matter of GNOSIS earlier (knowlegde given by higher-dimensional spirits). But n-dimensions spirits are forbidden in the materialist-dialectic shit... Hence the higher dimensions have to be ignored except their own alchemical device at CERN. The limits of experimental knowledge was clearly explaied by a big scientist called Mach. Immediately, the conspiracy “hired” Lenin ( quite ignorant in science) to write “Materialism and Empiriocriticism” where in his ignorance combat harshly Mach and state the infinity of scientific “progress”. It was his “launch-platform” in high politics: USSR supreme leader.

The other well known lies-guardian, is a full-blown sophist called Popper. (he was really a popper!) The “master” of Soros... He was the theoretician of globalism > “Open Society and His Enemies” (See? In the title, is straight the repression!). He stated the harsh punishment of the enemies of globalization (pretty-much like any other totalitarism). And finally, he invented the ultimate sophism which allegely shall prove what science is, or not. The falsifiability theory. By this "anus-against-nature" logic you have to invent a disproval of your own theory, in a court, not the adversary..Typical. That contradict the fundamental rule of a court (the accuser has to deliver probes against you) but.. nobody observe... His perfect sophism is used now in the court of law against creationism, for example. Just as any sophism by the trials in Antiquity!