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A text which is also online about further aspects of periergos/lost knowledge:

This is the paradox showing the flawed model of "pseudo-objectivity" in science.
A false path. Truth is better; science is a Devil's construct, denying soul, spirit, and God apriori, per method. Knowledge doesn't equal science because the latter was constructed especially in the spirit of mentioned denial. The absurdity of a "shrink" reveals the problem: claiming he heals the soul, at the same time denying apriori soul existence!

Scientific atheism was a plot, conspiracy, not a necessity. We can demonstrate that step by step, from Rosicrucian manifesto / 1620 upwards: Lunar society, Empiricism, Darwin, Nietzche, Marx, Lenin, Wells, Huxley, Popper... etc. This conspiracy bought the masses by many means, mostly with comfort and lies; for example evolution. The truth: we evolved from God's-Image - to monkeys - to lab-rats - to ants inside a transhumanist 5G anthill. And God will be replaced with this A.I. Now that's "evolution" isn't?

The payment: the whole planet is owned & destroyed - finally by GMO+AI. People opposed innovation initially: radio, machines, etc. Now they are blamed for that - the real source (scientists + capital) remain untouched! Because "Sci" is a religion: one creating his own A.I. God: cold, unsympathetic, nazistic. Science is unrelated to moral -this is best formalized by Nietzche. Superman (ubermensch) psychosis is grounded on science-power, as underlined by Nietzche (himself a mad-man) You see now the usefulness of Inquisition-"autodafe".

This "Dark side of the force" existed since Antiquity: See Democrit atomic materialsim, denying spirit and soul, mocking gods. The plenary knowledge was cut-off on purpose. The crowning - Corona of this SICENCE-RELIGION is called Transhumanism. And is imposed now by WEF/NWO officially as the way of the future world. As any absolutist religion it has his INQUIZITION and 'burning-at-stake".

This can sound absurd but is easy to explain: you are taught some models about universe in the school. They may be right or wrong but at least limited-functional.

You can verify how a mechanism works. How a rocket works or how an engine works. Even a radio can be verified. But everything stops here. The monolith computers you cannot verify at home. The CERN doomsday machine you cannot verify. It is a unique experiment so UNSCIENTIFIC because not replicated! And more as computers, you can't verify a vaccine. You shoot in yourself something without verifying! THAT IS FAITH NOT SCIENCE. ANOTHER SCI-RELIGION. As such has his Inquisition.

The CONSPIRA-SCI begins with Lunar Society / Birmingham and can be linked straight (via Darwins+Huxleys) to Transhumanism. Basically: A. deny GOD B Create machinehuman-GOD. "Evolution"> God-image > monkey > lab-rat > ant. That happened in the last 250 years.

The timeline is this: The sorcerers have been banned since Acts 19:19.. After Theodosius in the 5-th century, they fled to Persia + S-Egypt/Nubia. Mostly GNOSTICS. They triggered first pandemics > Justinian Plague - the rise of Islamism. Then as templars (Balck-Death) becoming Rosicrucians/1620. For those, witchcraft was another word for science. 1820> as Lunar-Society Birmingham and so the plot to modern science and transhumanism is STRAIGHT.

So, what was the true "knowledge", free from the "Atheist Agenda"?
Several medicine inventions made by Iatrochemy+Alchemy existed long before the existence of "modern medicine".

Pliny, Dioscorides, Deceneu, Geber, Avicenna, Averroes, gnostics, etc. Over 30k remedies, among them the Principia of modern ones. The disappearing of iatrochemical remedies from the market was not the consequence of "progress"> It was a plot by the big oil industry, using enforcement and manipulation. Here Rockefeller or Bayer manipulated the crowd.

But if you observe the most important "modern" medications, you'll find they are sourced in very old Iatrochemical knowledge. With no exception. It's hard to compare because modern medicine ignores/denies the energetical and spiritual part of the body. But I try to catalog remedies accordingly modern system, in order to recognize the source. "Data isn't information; information isn't knowledge; knowledge isn't wisdom."

If the following stuff contradicts your "beliefs" check the first statement..:) Denial solves nothing. There is "nihil noles sub sole" or "ab nihilo nihil fit". Here a TINY PART, it's impossible to be exhaustive:

Under this category are many remedies, helping the organism to fight diseases or external pathogens. Here the main modern "achievements" exposed as being copied, just like the photo-recipes. (I give here some, for comparison)

1. Mushroom/fungal antibiotics - tetracycline beer is documented in Nubia 3500 years ago. Nubia /Elephantine island was a place of old alchemists. Many fungal concocts in "witches"-recipes are regular antibiotics, only more diluted.
2. Metallic ions - internal and external antibiotics/disinfectants. - copper and silver are documented in Ayurveda, Chinese alchemy, Egypt manuscripts, and Dioscorides. The nanoparticle silver-water or several salts were known. including gold-water.
3. Bacteriophage viruses - there are non-shell annular viruses that kill pathogens. Present in certain waters. Known as "wonder-healing waters" they could heal leprosy for example. Today re-studied in Georgia and Poland. See Tbilisi center
4. Other Iatrochemical plant reductors such as thujone, quinine, flavonoids, tannins, etc. The old recipes are full of them.
5. Essential oils (even distilled) and UV. Those two are related: SUN/UV+OILS. Distillation of oils documented in Egypt, Pakistan, Avicenna (born near Pakistan). 3500 years ago, the first known products (embalming substances). Essential oils are proven to be antibiotics by modern experiments, even in low dilutions. Hippocrates mentions the sun as a mighty antiseptic (UV). Apollo was the father of medicinal god...

The basis of all those is the way nature works > in the forest, for example, fungi in the soil clean the microbes, so the soil remains proper. The essential oils keep the plant healthy and the air too. Everything is cleaned by UV from the SUN... A.S.O. All this was known in detail.

This thread is complicated because modern medicine doesn't accept/understand the energetical body, being seen as "mechanical". In old times, acupuncture (energy-levels) and immune system have been tightly related (that's why there is no "placebo" - placebo is an active constituent of the energetical body, not used, ignored today.
Yet, the main idea was "similar combat similar" mentioned by Hypoccrates, himself inspired by Sumer+Egypt alchemy.

1. The regular vaccine was derived from acupuncture, involving silver+essential oils inactivated "germs". Or better said "chemical information". Documented in written 1000 years ago (China), and presumed at least 2300 years old. Smallpox mostly.
2. The old homeopathy, sourcing in Sumer, was simply "similar combats similar" via oral intake and coupled with certain foods/regime. Similar in Ayurveda. About "dilutions" no info from old texts - a "modern" invention in Cluj. Of course, the quantity shall be small, as much as the body needs in order to build reaction.
3. Medical tattoo, acupuncture, and vaccine were tightly related. See the acupuncture "tattoo" of Otzi. An old papyrus from Egypt shows a "wrong blood-circulatory system". Later it was recognized as identical with Chinese acupuncture-maps.

How "similar combat similar" works? By activating something systemic which is not by far understood (just like conscience) - the immunity. Here the energetic and spiritual parts are fully involved, not only the chemistry! See "acupuncture". Medics don't understand acupuncture because they don't understand the real model of the animal body. See below the fractal-antennae model.

Modern vaccine problems - As far I could verify, the old vaccines (needle, scratch etc) were only based on inactivated bacteria the body reacts to the proteins not to foreign DNA Not with manipulated RNA or DNA. Those are not vaccines, but poisons. The SOLE resemblance with the vaccine is the "injection". How convenient to name a shit as cake, only because of the same color... The last vaccines (synthesized mRNA) are vaccines only by name... In reality are other viruses!

As far I know, the old vaccines were inactivated with silver + essential oils. The modern ones with quick-silver derivates. Quicksilver is injected in order that a "malocchio/ evil-eye" can be spelled onto the subject. Today.. the whole world !!!

First, in biology, everything is a fractal - beginning with DNA. Animals and plants are " inverse/complementary". The plant body is a direct fractal > a fractal garden. The animal body is an inverted fractal-garden inside a torus (torus is like a "greenhouse" for organs). The initial "worm" is topologically a torus. The torus-worm model is the initial embryo in all animals. Without exceptions. inside him, all organs are fractals = different "plants". Hence the "roots" of the corresponding plants are "outside" - on the skin. That's why "acupuncture" works- you stimulate the roots of the fractal.

Acupuncture has not only this "general" theory, but his physical network has been identified in the organism. It is older than the lymph-system! Primo Vascular System.
Both living models (plants, animals) are antennae; because all fractals are antennae. Those are tied to universal magnetics -see Schumann resonance, planet position (horoscope), and Feng-Shui (they use a magnetic compass). Of course the 5 "G" of masonry "G" .. fucks this universal information in the fractal antennae. So you are reduced to ..chemistry.
Why this "resonating" model with fractals was made by God? Because everything is connected! See the Smaragdine Tablets.

The lenght of DNA strain is cca 2-3 m, The total length of human DNA (all cells) is 2x the length of SUN-PLUTO distance. Being fractally packed, can "sense" the ultralong waves, the ones of the planets. In other living organisms, similar.

Conclusion> from DNA to galaxies anything is connected by waves... and spirals.
An observation: ANY fractal iteration can be reduced to goldern ratio: 1,6181... and Fibonnacy numbers. Hence DNA is a fractal, so are the organs - that's why any organism is proportioned with this golden ratio. BThW: Fibonnacii came with those numbers from east-Mediterannea, and Egypt/Greek architecture is full of them. The rabbits problem by Fibonacci shows they knew the multiplying rate...
Now, do you understand why the acupuncture works, inside the "ezoteric" model of astrology and stuff?

This was called "Chi" and is the root for Kemeia, al-chi-my, chi-nese, Chi-ro.. etc.
The X = chi (present in alchemical texts incl the language of Revelation but also in Fu-Xi) is the form of DNA but also the root of any spiral - the basic form in the Universe (DNA, binary stars, galaxy). See Caduceus too.

Some scientists (not all) do observe that conscience cannot be explained by the regular inductive schemes. But they reduce that to the brain. If we see "immunity" we understand this is not reduced to the bran! But to the whole living body. Body is a wave function pretty-much an n-dimensional Fourier.

CHi or X is the root of the money idea. They simply "regulate" and extract the lifeforce inside an abstract "portion" - then rule the world with those abstract portions of Chi. (that's why dollars have the "farmakon" sign - the serpent "$" of Asklepius) Employing usury they can extract this force, from others. The others must lose a part of their Chi, in order to pay the usury. That's why Aristotle or Plato condemned usury.

Aspirin, sweet-wood (corticoids), propolis, Devil's claw, curcumin, and thousand others are present in Iatrochemy (=any discipline like Ayurveda or Chinese herbal). The recipes are full sourced in Ayurveda, Hildegard von Bingen, Pliny, Dioscorides, aso. All main synthetic groups can be identified inside natural recipes.

Ether (general anesthetic) is an alcohol-derived substance, pretty easy to synthesize in the alchemical lab. Was documented in Geber and Avicenna recipes.
Local anesthetics and plant-drugs like cocaine are of course natural and used since ever. The first local anesthetics before the synthetic ones were based on natural stuff. Even monkeys know natural plant remedies and pass the knowledge to young generations.

I won't explain here this subject as he is well known - proofs up to prehistory. Surgery was a direct consequence of wars and accidents. That's why have been used first. Was pretty refined as they had general anesthetics too.

Gene manipulation was a matter of higher alchemy and so very symbolical encrypted. What proofs do we have? First, they knew about DNA - as "seed' and as "code" inside life. They knew it is a code and the serpent was the symbol = a spiral. Double (DNA) was Caduceus. Simple (RNA) was medical. Chirality was known: righthanded to the forehead (see Revelation Mark).

I-Ching has exactly the combinatorics in base 4 - the one of DNA. Fully corresponding to 64 codons. In fact, the I-Ching wheel is almost identical to basepairs-wheel. Initially I-ching was described as "the fundament of life" see chi=X, below....ops! The weird thing is that the Mediterranean alchemists had an identical math-divination system before Diocletian or Christian banning laws.

Look at Χ Ξ S (chi-xi-stigma/666) > Chi is the known "lifeforce" from which "alchemy" is derived. This "X" is the exact form of DNA diffraction-picture (so was discovered). Ξ is derived from "pillar" Egyptian hieroglyph - the pillar of life, 3 levels. S = stigma is a modification of the chi by a simple serpent, RNA - medical. Ergo by a VACCINE, pictured as "charagma" (= spider or serpent bite!). The spider digest the victim outside the body by injection of peptides-poison ! - this spider thing is the basis of www, the evil plot. This was described as Arachne by Ovidius, by Lucian of Samosata, and of course by John of Patmos.

Geber "Disclosure of Secrets" describes artificial organisms made in the lab, using sperm, cooked sperm-extract (PCR???) cells-extract injected inside eggs, etc. 8-th century. Some of those weird alchemical shit has been even reproduced at home... it lives! It must be said here; this was dark alchemy! Substituting God.
Plenty of such indices in the encrypted alchemical texts. Even the Vinogradsky column was described as a means to separate microbes, cyanobacteia, etc; for poisons.

Lifespan was a matter of social position: whereas the slaves and solders had a lifespan of only 40-45 years, the members of the Roman Senate could not access this high position before the age of 70! :) And that explains everything.

As for immortality, it was the ultimate "research" for any alchemist. Was called Magnus Opus. Check transforming lead(Saturn) into gold (light=chrisos). The symbolic red-egg is correspondent to "rubedo" = the last stage of the alchemical egg reaching immortality. In Egypt, those symbolical eggs were golden, as the last stage was named "citrinitas" = golden-yellow.

One small hint: the asymmetry of "substance" = the fermions. Asymmetry disappears above 6th dimension... in "String-Theory". Alchemists used to believe that Magnus Opus can be achieved by restoring a perfect "symmetry" = Rebis. As said, crypto-alchemy, hidden in Sci.

The first evolutionary theory was made by an alchemist from 18 century - Lamark in France. But his evolutionary theory was based on GOD+CREATION, therefore disappeared from the modern conspiracy named "Science". The conspiracy, concentrated in Birmingham "Lunar society" replaced Lamark's correct theory with the God-less Darwins "selection". A fraud, as most modern science. (grandfather of Darwin was the initiator of this theory and member of Lunar Society. The "bulldog of Darwin" was the grandfather of Huxley brothers; eugenics and Brave-New-World, the ideal of contemporary Transhumanism... = full conspiracy lineage).

As alchemists knew about DNA (chi = Χ see above), Lamark based his theory on the existence of a "code" inside cells/life, and this code was "designed" by God in order to facilitate evolution in a certain way! This Lamark model is DIRECTLY related to Anaxagoras model of "universal seeds/Panspermia" which evolves to complexity - He was put to death by poison in Athen, 2500 years ago... for spreading "false teachings"

Today there are similar exotic theories: if there is a code inside the temporal quantum blockchain entanglement, a piece of purposed information could be bound directly inside Big_Bang... A sort of universal DNA.

This "Placebo" effect is fundamentally wrong used, and a direct consequence of denying the energetic-spiritual part. The result is: this medication works ONLY at the chemical level. That's the result of seeing the body as a pure machine, a primitive model from 16 century (golem>Frankenstein)... Golem itself is a misinterpretation of the Genesys or Epimetheus creation of "man" from clay (=earth=matter in alchemy) The basics of ANY robotics...

If a surgeon "fix something" only the energetic body works after the "incision". That heals at the "cells-level". The idea from Pythagora/Zamolxis to ANY old alchemy: to bind actively the inside energy in the healing process.

We cannot even prove irrefutably a double-blind model; as long they TRUST the DOCTOR, the placebo is already working, in both subjects!!!! because there is no "objectivity", as the very quantic experiments are shown. The observer influences the subject. Hence the perfect "neutral model" is quite 'fairy-tale"

Pretended neutral-agnostic versus true gnostics:
"They are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”Mat 15:14.
That would be "double-blind"... As opposed to:
"Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them." Mark 11:23

Today we can PROVE the energetic level exists. DNA emits light, coherent light. It's a light pump, when "living". It is just like a huge "internet" inside the body. This can be seen with some devices today. And this is only one of the communication-levels. There are chemical, electrical, luminal aso. Was called "aura" in older times. Saints have more aura as their energy is more intense.

The forest is an internet too: the roots+fungii forms an internet that is known and proven today. We can conjecture that for the entire life. Those are the "shamanic spirits" of the forest!

In nature the whole planet is linked biochemically: DNA is linked by a quantum blockchain to the very Creation. This blockchain can be scientifically proven today. The quantum blockchains cannot be "undone". Any intervention and arbitrary mix deform the quantum-blockchain irreversible.

Today is proven; besides the ACGT 4-digits level, DNA is held together via entanglement. (and remember, entanglement lives outside time-space!!) Hence the old theory is right. There is no "junk-DNA" but a useful quantum blockchain back to Creation.

Genentech is a brutal intervention into the quantum-blockchain of DNA, and we have no knowledge of the consequences at that subtle level. Hence, any Genentech vaccine is a crime against existence. That is The Mark of the Beast made by Kill-Gates with COVID-vax, a synthetic shit, not true vax.

The natural chemistry of life is chiral. It means the same molecues are as “mirrored” left-right. If you synthesise them artifically you get 50-50%. To get assymetrical substances you need an INITIATOR which is himself chiral, hence NATURALLY-MADE. The same in living state are in asymmetric quantities. Just as the Universe with matter-antimatter...

For example most of sugars and DNA are dextrogyre whereas most proteins are levo. Not 50-50%. When a body cease life ..slowly the substances tend to transfo to racemic (that is 50-50%). Any living organism has a certain proportion of those assymetries When the precise optimal assymetry changes slightly, a disease instals. When bacteria from your own body observe an usual assymetry they attack, thinking the body is dead... You get cangrena and septicemy. It means there is a force which held that assymetry! And that is chi! CHI=X. We know today that in order to change the chiralty, you need a quaternionic rotation in 4-d space. Therefore Chi force comes from HIGHER DIMENSIONS...

The quantum effect, where the observer interacts with the observed points to the "inaccessible level" for science. So the entanglement acting beyond the 'observed time-space". Here is the link to the "hidden level" - the spiritual, following "energetical".

The unseen level was exactly pictured by kabbalah and alchemy as "the roots". You see the wood but the roots are hidden. Here you gain access only by "internal contemplation" or by "initiation".
The conscience is not equal to logic. There is a "server" outside, we have only a "terminal". The link is made by the pituitary-pineal gland system (and extended = the energetic levels of glands, called "chakra") and that was known by Egyptians and described fully by Descartes. The Conspiracy used only a tiny part of Descartes, only what "fitted inside materialism" - the doubt.

In this model, the brain is not a simple "computer" but especially a fractal antenna to this higher server, having as "root" the pineal gland (model described by Descartes, from the Egyptian source). At the corresponding level, any bio-fractal (including DNA) is tied to the higher server.

The list is too long. Kepler, Newton, Lamark, Hooke, Leibniz - ALL were ALCHEMISTS not scientists. The term scientist/science was a "newspeak" term invented in the materialism-Conspiracy labs, around 1825. And was coupled with denial of spirits and energetical levels, higher revelation, etc, APRIORI. This is "censorship". Sci instead gnosis -a gnostic deprived of ..gnosis, by the thought-police called induction, materialism, empiricism, popperism, etc. If you question the police or the strict mechanicicst model you lose your university degrees.

Sci arrogance is infinite. Until now, they resorted to an alchemical model for string theory to explain a Big-Bang. What was before this, they don't respond. At the same time, they ask If God created the Universe, who created God? What was before Big_Bang then? The religion or the "entanglement" has the response> time-space is not the root. Hence after/before has no sense in the hidden part. It's incomprehensible for us, see "apriori values" of Kant.

Most modern science is frauded or cut-off. For example the "elements". Modern string theory shows, there are 4 groups of "particles" corresponding to "four elements"/ Empedocles, and a 5th group corresponding "quintessence" in Aristotle. 5 total as in Chinese elements too. "Particles" don't even exist as such, is only a duality wave-particle.. a.s.o.

Example; the element "earth" in alchemy corresponds to "fermions" in modern terminology: those have "mass". The 5 elements theory (alchemical) is a HIGHER model as the "atomic one". fermions cand exist upto the 6th dimension whhere an asymetry occurs chec the Coexter Group Order: 2x(6x6x6!) The atomic itself is frauded, as the hydrogen atom is the same as a "neutron". A neutron is a "collapsed" hydrogen, and there are alternative correct theories fully working but unused (see hydrino theory).

You cannot pinpoint a particle, there are only "waves of probability" which of course is bullshit. Entanglement lives outside space-time, else would contradict the theory of relativity. Ergo everything is a simulation and the "hidden part" is for us inaccessible with experimental means. The model of "hidden part" is clearly explained in Kaballah, itself part of "dark-alchemy".

The severe limit of experimental knowledge was pointed by a big scientist - Mach. So a Conspiracy guy, Lenin, had the task to "disassemble" this correct statement, in the book "Materialism and Empiriocriticism". Where Lenin (a scientifical idiot) claimed the experimental knowledge is "infinite". Lenin's book is the FUNDAMENT of modern scientific "optimism", in all modern universities (they are all communist). For his achievement, he was rewarded with the bolshevik leadership. The book was written in Geneve...

The mathematic itself is a fraud (in the sense it is not "science" but the old mystery-math) - probability is based on esoteric numerology (see the inside combinatorics mechanism) which is the old "witches" math... And the probability is used heavily in quantics - hence quantics is based on... witches numerology!!! And remember; witchcraft/kaballah/voodoo acts just beyond the "entanglement level"... using "magic numerology" inclusive.

Pascal triangle was called Mount Meeru in India: the fundament of the World. All math (incl statistics) is based on such "numerology" stuff. Cantor dust was pictured on pillars in Egypt.. etc.

The same esoteric numerology was the basis of "calculus" as made by Newton (was alchemist, not a scientist!) Both Leibnitz and Newton were alchemists (officially!), not scientists. Both solved derivates and Leibnitz introduced binary calculation for "machines". He derived that from... I-Ching.

Take the Maxwell equations; without those, modern electronics is impossible. They are NOT made by Maxwell. Maxwell made 23 quaternionic, and they were replaced with vectorial, grouping 4 quaternionic. => 4x4=16. The rest up to 23 (7) are occulted now. Morgan (the same destroying Teslas business) arranged this Sci-fraud.
In my book I give full references on Indian alchemical texts describing how to obtain electricity with chemical substances, and how to split water in oxygen-hydrogen, the latter being used for ..balloons. Besides Baghdad battery...

And in a similar way, everything! Modern quantics or relativity couldn't solve the problems in order to build CERN. They resorted to improvable models, with at least 11 dimensions (inaccessible for us, by experiment + observation) and the strings-idea was copied from Pythagora! The "Coxeter-groups" too. So CERN works by a mystery-esoteric alchemical theory, not based on experiment! But sourced DIRECTLY from the old alchemical model: Pythagora strings + triangle-numbers, higher alchemy, Egyptian mystery.

Speaking about multi-dimensions; they have been interdicted by Aristotle (an initiate) in the book De Caelo - the first sentence in his book. This interdiction lasted (across science + religion) until the string/CERN theory 1972! :)

Back to CERN, there is even more! Why after all was built (officially...)? In order to clarify the source of gravity, a question Newton itself didn't respond - the famous: "Hypotheses non-fingo". So, they made an alchemical device in order to clarify an alchemist occult model! Now, THAT is "modern science" :)

But the truth (by higher alchemy) is this> inside the lHC accelerator, you get an interdimensional portal ("Stargate" and earlier the "Nibelungs Ring" = predictive programming). You'll see that in the next years; the real LHC purpose. Update: they just announced that at CERN!
Another angular invention was alternate electricity and radio. And we know Tesla (by his own words) gained the ideas by revelation, not "experiment" and "agnostic methodology and doubt". That was paired with initiation in oriental Indian Vedas... Just like the gnostics!
But if you search e-mc^2 you'll find Einstein copied that from an italian ..amateur alchemist Olinto de Pretto which published the formula 1 year before Einstein...

Kabbalistic model is the foundation of informatics: the Black-box model (Turing machine) with input and output is clearly described in kabbalah, so the "client-server-model" as the basis of "spiritual leadership"... I mentioned already the I-Ching binary system which inspired Leibnitz... The whole world today is ruled and watched by kabbalistic machines.

Basically, modern science is either copied from older achievements and further "refined" or frauded.