REV 13:16-18





>> FEBR. 2020 TXT







From the conspiracy side, Kissinger seemingly said in 2009: "Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it’s game over. They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – ‘for the greater good [...] Vaccine makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a big win-win. We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for extermination services…." Rewind Rudolf Steiner warnings...

The Beast at end-days [Rev13:2 + Amos 5:19] is the sum of the conspiracy (text-key: bear+lion). What means Lion and Bear? The supreme authority in the forest! And no leaders are outside of that: Rev 17:17> "For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority" Today 5 mil. masons, 40k Jesuits, etc. And the whole repressive apparatus in pyramidal hierarchy just obeys those deep-state rulers : medics, military, police, banks, etc. Once injected, the humanity itself transforms into a “megabeast”. Driven by 5G pheromones + microchip like an anthill.

The vaccination scam was used from the beginnig of the conspiracy as a future tool of charagma! It's all about planning. Build-back-better, 200 years in advance! We ca prove that by historical facts. Pharma industry comes from pharmakon/pharmakeia (Strong 5333) meaning both medication & witchcraft in old Greek.

Where began after all the modern version of the conspiracy? One head (of the Beast) is the Masonic UK Empire, after Cromwell. The Square Mile and his Crown (corona) Corporation which plagued 90% of the world by his collonies. The begin of this Crown Empire was set by a PLAGUE and a FIRE in London 1665-1666. (as instructed in Rev 11) Which kneed England. Then, the Bank of England founded by Montague and ..Newton as Master of Mint ! Montague grand-grandsohn Norman financed nazi.. via BIS.

Now Lady Montague from the same family introduced the idea of mass-vaccination! It was not a doctor, but one of the Black-Nobility! Corrupt and greedy doctors followed with an invented “compulsory vaccination” theory, so England had no less than 7 Acts (see 7 plagues) on compulsory vaccination during the 19 Century. It's only so.. they had NOT YET the tool of GMO. All that was an EXERCISE and growing of a well stated pseudo-science, for the main event which occurs now: charagma-GMO. Therefore the reaction of Rudolf Steiner!

As Masonry grew (5 millions today) and reached ALL countries in the highest positions, that UK Crown-Corp. exercise can be transformed in the real charagma worldwide, as they have now the Genentech. As witched, all states acted like a trained army in the first lockdown! Then: build-back-better... That's the power of Masonry. WHO could say anything, if no “deep-state army” backed his elucubrations... Of course that army had tb financed and here Gates Foundation spended big.

Masonic doctors followed the instructions of Montague and made a pseudo-scientific theory of germs from which mass-vaccination theory derived. Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) was a crook (check that link), as Pasteur (1822 – 1895) was a fraudster (check that link) But just as today, their fraud imposed the compulsory laws in the 19th century UK! As the first link explains, the “success” itself was a fraud, based just as today on manipulated statistics. Next step of the conspiracy exercise - Rockefellers Spanish Flu caused by compulsory masks and a vaccine.

Mass vaccination theory is one of the few well-establised PSEUDO-SCIENCES inside medicine. Another is lobotomy, having the same eugenics occult source. “Spirits of darkness”.
Remeber a certain aspect: lobotomy penetrated the cribriform plate to split frontal lobes. trough nose. Is the SAME place where the Covid test “wire-in-the-nose” is made today.. At the root of the brain, third eye... QED. They have a target.

The nazi eugenics theory is IDENTICAL with the compulsory vaccine theory. What's about? The purge of “untermensches” (that is, killing in KZ/Holocaust) was made for "the greater good of nation healing". It's easy to see that compulsory vaccination is made for.. "the greater good of nation healing". QED. Destroy individuals for EUGENICS. And doctors enrolled the nazi party 7 times more as the average german population! The rush & extase of killing, are upon them! Cains outsprings? Thubalcain 3hd degr. master mason...

It is supposed that the microbe simply wanish if the whole population is vaxxed. This is pseudo-science. Strains recombine with the vaccine and give other strains, more dangerous. You may develop autoimune responses and over-reaction to wild virus. Besides, in the case of Covid, didn't they say it came from ..pangolins and bats? Course is quatch, but shows the pathogen can mutate in the nature. Hence compulsiveness is ABSURD! A sophism made for charagma. That's the fraud of Jenner and Pasteur, in short.

Now let's go to the text of Revelation. Plagues and Pharma (pharmakon/parmakeia) occur there several times! And also in Acts 19:19. And pharma means alchemical knowledge on medications coupled with witchcraft.(Strong 5331-5333) This alchemical knowledge was highly present in the area of Pergamon near Patmos, in Turkey; here Montague found that innoculation after 1700 years! The lost Asclepios recipes! Those witches-recipes were burned and destroyed by mainstream christianity during the purge of Theodosius (which feared the same Mark of the Beast)

We know form old alchemical texts, they used alum (natural hydated aluminium salts) and mercury salts, to bound spell-potions on subjetcs. All salts are found in caves and mines/Turkey.(check Dioscorides, Galen, Pliny, etc) Quicksilver was the “universal agent” in alchemy, acting as a sort of “quantum-states” catalyst, reaching “third eye” (pituitary- hypothalamus) of the spelled subjetcs. Even today old gypsies try to extract “quicksilver from spelled humans” by incantations and “rebouding” of the mercury inside an egg. They know something... Bc the egg was used (as today) to multiply pathogens for magic potions ... The egg itself is a very hermetic and alchemical symbol &tool...
Today we can observe the same Al + Hg salts, in high quantities inside modern vaccines. Besides, other "witches ingredients" such as foetus-cells and similar... That's “pharmakon”.

The microscopic organisms were known; check De Rerum Natura/Lucretius. The basis reaction of the vaccine itself was known by Hypocrates: similar combat similar. Egg multipication (here germs) in Al-Jabir compendium.. But for attenuated germs in a proper way, they used silver (colloidal), copper salts, and essential oils. Not the binding quicksilver! In fact, vax was a part of the well-known acupuncture (together with medical tattoo, see Otzi). The first texts about a vaccinated person comes from China (cca 800 AD). It was made against the same smallpox by an acupuncturist. With silver and essential oils for attenuation.

It is ANGULAR to say, this (risky considered) procedure was NEVER a mass-medication and NEVER compulsory. And of course was NEVER GMO. Until.. today.